The Write-A-Thon

The Write-A-Thon

About This Event

Write-A-Thons are back to usher in the new decade!

If you've never been to a Write-A-Thon, here's the deal: the WGF Library stays open after-hours on a Saturday for writers to work into the night. Expect pizza, drinks, guest speakers, and fun raffle prizes. Our friendly library staff will be on hand to answer questions or help you find materials, and more importantly, you'll be surrounded by your writing community to motivate you to finish that script.

Location / Venue

The Writers Guild Foundation

Event to Support The Writers Guild Foundation

Founded in 1966, the Writers Guild Foundation is the premier resource for emerging writers and movie and TV lovers in Hollywood. Boasting a busy calendar of high-value events and a vast, seemingly bottomless toolbox for writers, the Foundation is unmatched in its mission to promote and preserve the craft, history, and voices of screen storytelling.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we’re proud of all we do for the community, including our Veterans Writing Project, our Volunteer and Mentorship Programs, our Archive, and the Shavelson-Webb Library – the world’s only library devoted entirely to writing for the screen.