Each One Teach One - A Mentorship Program from The Parity Project

Each One Teach One - A Mentorship Program from The Parity Project

About This Campaign

The Writers Guild Foundation is proud to partner with The Parity Project, an emerging community organization that advocates for fair economic and narrative inclusion and equity of black artists, executives, and representatives in television and film. Proceeds raised under the WGF's fundraising platform go directly to supporting The Parity Project's Each One Teach One mentorship program.

Each One Teach One’s mission is to guide writers through professional hurdles to retain and increase any earned momentum while helping to shape careers. The program recognizes that sometimes getting new writers staffed is the first step, but the much harder task is maintaining a job and moving up the ladder. Hence, the focus is on our participants building sustainable careers, realistic businesses and production companies and strategies to promote longevity in the industry.

Make your tax-deductible donation today by clicking on the Donate button! For more information on Each One Teach One and The Parity Project, visit https://wewilldothis.com/mentorship.
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